10 year anniversary

Santa Run 2023

17th of December 2023

17th Dec – For the whole family

Last time we were over 1400 Santas and together we raised around 1/4 million SEK for charities and people in need.

Exciting news awaits! Stay tuned for the upcoming reveal of this year’s charity destination , where all the funds raised during the event will make a meaningful impact.
This year’s location will be announced very soon. How you finish the race is entirely up to you. If you want to run, jog or walk – the choice is yours! There is only one rule, we should have fun together.

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Charity Run with Santa Theme

For the past 10 years, the association Together we make a change has organized the charity run Stockholm Santa Run. The event, organized entirely on a voluntary basis, involves all participants dressing up in Santa costumes and running/walking/jogging a 3 km, or 6 km, route in Stockholm’s city center.

All proceeds go directly to charity. From 2016 to 2019, when the event was held in Kungsträdgården, approximately 1500 people participated annually. We managed to raise nearly 1 million SEK, and the funds were distributed among organizations such as the Red Cross, the Activist Fund, the Childhood Cancer Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, and the City Mission.

The project has grown annually, becoming 10 times larger since its start in 2013. After the significant success of Stockholm Santa Run, we are more inspired than ever to take the next step and elevate the winter tradition with Santa to new heights in Sweden and Scandinavia.

Celebrating 10 Years of Joy, Community, and Winter Magic! 🎅🏃‍♂️🎉

In 2013, in the beautiful Tantolunden in the heart of Stockholm, a tradition was born that would spread warmth and laughter during the cold winter months. Now, ten years later, it’s time to celebrate this fantastic journey and revive the joy that Stockholm Santa Run has brought to all of us.

Over the past years, the pandemic has created a pause in our lives, including our beloved event. But now, it’s time to return to what we love most – running together, sharing laughter, and making a difference in our community.

Stockholm Santa Run is more than just a race; it’s an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of outdoor activities and unity during the winter months. Winter doesn’t have to be dull and gray; it can be filled with joy, color, and warmth when we come together in unity.

This year, we promise to make Stockholm Santa Run 2023 the most memorable experience ever. With red costumes and Christmas songs, we will together create a vibrant event in the midst of the darkest season.

Let’s make the 2023 Stockholm Santa Run a jubilee that we will remember forever!

Become a partner

This year we have developed our sponsor package for companies to four different levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Mini. We would like to get in touch with you to see what we can achieve together for this year’s Stockholm Santa Run. 

Let’s make this year a year we remember, let us together help the ones who really need it.

Be a part of Stockholm Santa Run:


50 000 SEK

  • Logo on the stage
  • Visibility in our Social Media
  • Partner Diploma
  • Lecture about the project
  • Movies and pictures from the event
  • Partner meeting jan/feb
  • 20 tickets and Santa outfits/medal

25 000 SEK

  • Logo on the stage
  • Visibility in our Social Media channels
  • Partner Diploma
  • Movies and pictures from the event
  • Partner meeting jan/feb
  • 15 tickets and Santa outfits/medal

10 000 SEK

  • Visibility in our Social Media channels
  • Partner Diploma
  • Movies and pictures from the event
  • Partner meeting jan/feb
  • 15 tickets and Santa outfits/medal

5 000 SEK

  • Movies and pictures from the event
  • 10 tickets and Santa outfits/medal

Everyone is welcome

Stockholm Santa Run is a 3 KM run for everyone. Invite your family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, strangers… We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, national origin, physical, mental disability or age. All are welcome.

Is the “Christmas spirit” found in gifts, trees, and lights? No! It’s found in the joy of coming together to support those in need!

Participants under the age of 14 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All children need to be registered.

More questions? Visit our FAQ.

Important 1:

The organizers of the event will not take out any economical benefit of the money raised since the idea of the run is to help people that need it more. That’s why we will try to keep all the costs as low as possible, so there will be no unnecessary fancy things. After the race, each participant will get a diploma emailed to them with the result of the total money that was raised from the run, and where it went. You will also receive a medal.

Important 2:

The organisers are not responsible for any damage, injury or loss during the event.

Important 3:

In this event you may be photographed, by our photographers. These photos may be published on Stockholm Santa Run’s social media. If you see a photo you wish not to be published, due to a photograph of yourself or a family member, Please let us know and we will take it off immediately. Your privacy is important to us.

Important 4:

By buying a ticket you agree that Stockholm Santa Run gets your permission to handle your personal information. We will not distribute your personal information to a third party.

Important 5:

By purchasing a ticket with Santa suit you agree to donate to charity and pay for the purchase of your Santa suit and your medal.

By purchasing a ticket without Santa suit you agree to donate to charity and pay for the purchase of your medal.


Contact and press

You are welcome to contact us for any questions about the event or how to become a partner to Stockholm Santa Run.